president message july 2016


This is my final message before I step down as the President of MBAM. I have held this position for two terms and it has been an exciting, rewarding and fun journey for me through the years. I hope that the Association will continuously outperform its previous years’ achievements with the appointment of the new President.

It is with gratitude that I look back at the past years. I entered an industry dedicated to assist in the national development and one of the prime partners and drivers of economic growth. I’ll always remember the things that we have achieved together and the many successes that we put together and the bittersweet memories of every events in the Association.

Special thanks to my Mentor, Datuk Kwan Foh Kwai for being a guiding light all this while, Mr Foo Chek Lee for assisting and supporting me quietly in your capacity as my Deputy. During my time, I have been very blessed and fortunate to have had 2 very capable and dedicated Secretary Generals, first Ir. Chuan Yeong Ming, and subsequently Mr Dennis Tan. As you know, the Secretary Generals are the drivers of MBAM and because of their untiring efforts, they have contributed in making me look good and for me to enjoy my time as the President. I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to all MBAM Council Members, Members, and Secretariat staff as well as construction industry players for all the support rendered during my two terms. We are lucky to have the strong support of members since the Association was founded back in 1954.

I hope everyone will be reminded that the core strength of this Association lies in you, the Members themselves. If you want MBAM to continue to be relevant and to have a strong voice it is up to you to make sure you actively participate in the activities of the Association and encourage others to do so as well!

The following are the main events in the Association in June:-



Sr. HT Ong in class

Among the participants attending the seminar

The 2nd session of the 4 Sessions of Practical Construction Contract Administration/Management was held on 2nd June 2016 at MBAM Training Centre. Sr. Ong Hock Tek, Managing Director, BK Entrusty was there to act as the trainer for the 54 attendees.  The 2nd session focused on the Instruction and variations & Payment Claims, Valuations, Certifications, Final Account and CIPAA.

The training programme combined technical knowledge with practical experience and skills through a lecture cum work related discussion approach / action learning approach. There are four (4) comprehensive sessions under this programme including this session. The next 2 sessions will be held on the following dates: –

  • 21stJuly 2016
  • 18thAugust 2016

Overall the training was well-received and it is hoped MBAM members, especially new MBAM members will send staff to be trained in order to raise their understanding on critical contracts and practices matters.



MBAM Executive Director, Ms Loh Mei Ling attended the 41st Building Industry Presidents’ Council Meeting held on 6th June 2016 at The Institution of Engineers Malaysia’s GETD Meeting Room, Petaling Jaya.


There was a briefing on Update on the “Deposition of Architect’s Fees for Housing Project” by Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM).

Some of the issues discussed were as follows:-

  • BIPC Roundtable discussion on low quality graduates faced by industry will be held on 20th July 2016 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in conjunction with the Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival (KLAF).
  • Update on foreign worker issue – The levy for construction sector has been increased to RM1,850.00. The Rehiring programme will expire on 30 June 2016 and the Government has urged the industry to register for this programme.
  • Safeguard Measures on Imports of Steel Products – A notice of initiation of investigation for the determination of safeguard measures with regards to several categories of steel products imported into Malaysia has been issued. The categories are as follows:


MBAM is against safeguard measures on steel products as we fear without free flow of imports, prices of steel bars may be uncontrollable. The price of steel bars has increased from about RM1,500 per tonne in January 2016 to about RM2,500 per tonne at present. MBAM believe that the sudden rise in steel prices over such a short period is not justified even with the greater demand from China. By looking to our neighbouring countries, it strengthens the claim that the sudden rise in steel price is unprecedented and unwarranted. The prices of steel bars in Malaysia are currently the highest compared to other ASEAN countries. Besides that, steel mills in Malaysia enjoy subsidy on electricity tariff. Therefore, they should not sell higher than the region.



During the brain storming session

Group photo of MBAM Council Members

When I first took over as President of MBAM, we had held a Brainstorming Session in Port Dickson on 22nd June 2013 where the attendees came up with a list of 52 initiatives. To date the Association have achieved 43 or 83% of those initiatives. To mark the end of my term as President, MBAM have held another Brainstorming Session on 17th June 2016 at Holiday Inn Melaka. This time the attendees took a look at the previous initiatives and come up with another 28 new ones. The new Brainstorming initiatives are now more focused on delivering measurable achievements for the Associations as we go forward.



Presentation of MBAM Building Fund Donation to MBAM President, Mr Matthew Tee

The Malacca Building Contractors’ Association (MBCA) Fellowship Night was held on 17th June 2016 at Cheers KTV Lounge, Malacca and was attended by MBAM Honorary Advisor, Dato’ Ng Kee Leen, MBAM Deputy President, Mr Foo Chek Lee, MBAM Vice Presidents, Tan Sri A K Nathan, Mr Thomas Samuel, Ir. Chuan Yeong Ming, MBAM Secretary General, Mr Dennis Tan, MBAM Deputy Secretary General 1, Mr Oliver Wee, MBAM Deputy Secretary General 2, Mr Ong Ka Thiam, MBAM Council Members, Mr Kenneth Liew, Mr Steven Aroki, MBAM Executive Director, Ms Loh Mei Ling, MBAM Senior Manager, Mr Lenny Lim and Mr Michael Thong, MBAM Managers, Ms Lee Siew Mei, Ms Chai Min Fung, MBAM Assistant Account Manager, Ms Jess Lim, MBAM Senior Executive Officer, Mr Leon Leong, MBAM Executive Officer, Ms Abbie Ng and I.

MBAM would also like to thanked MBCA for their contribution of RM5,000.00 to MBAM Building Fund. The handing out of the mock cheque was presented by MBCA President, Mr Victor Tan. 


BIM Talk

The participants attending the talk

Group photo with all of the speakers

MBAM Mechanical & Electrical (M&E), MBAM Technical and MBAM ICT committees jointly organised the BIM Talk on 21st June 2016 at MBAM Training Centre. A total of 61 participants attended the talk. MBAM Council Member & Chairman of MBAM Mechanical and Electrical Committee, Mr Kenneth Liew gave the opening speech. He said that it is undeniable that BIM is being adopted by all the leading international construction economies. The pace of this adoption is increasing, and it is important that Malaysia does not get left behind. It is essential that MBAM takes a proactive role in contributing to this objective so that the entire industry and MBAM members will reap the economic benefits and enjoy improvements in quality and project delivery.

The following are the speakers that presented during the talk:-

  1. Basic understanding of BIM, its process, benefits and why BIM is important to the local industry players by Encik Sharifuddin Umar, Program Director, myBIM Centre, CIDB Malaysia.
  2. BIM “Information” by Mr Cyril Lee Chung Lung, Forida Limited
  3. Overall of BIM by Mr N. V. Kumaran, General Manager, Bina Initiatitives Sdn Bhd
  4. 4M IDEA BIM Software by Mrs Shima Taslim, BIM Consultant, IPEC Project Systems Sdn Bhd
  5. BIM-QS: Efficient Construction Cost Management by Sr Desmond Loi, Service Manager, Glodon Software Sdn Bhd
  6. Global BIM development & Implementation by Sr Miranda Lui, Founder & Chairlady of Global BIM Centre of Excellence
  7. Coordination, Intergration & Transformation through BIM by Mr Ng Joo Yee, General Manager – Technical, Sunway Construction Sdn Bhd

All speakers shared their experiences on implementing BIM in construction projects. MBAM believe by using BIM can benefit the Malaysia construction industry in the long run and enable our industry to be at par with other international players.



The representatives from CAK

Presenting the token of appreciation to Mr Mr Lee Choong Lyeol

Immediate Past President, Datuk Kwan Foh Kwai, Deputy President, Mr Foo Chek Lee, Vice President, Tan Sri A.K. Nathan, Secretary-General, Mr Dennis Tan and I gave a warm welcome to the representatives from the Construction Association of Korea (CAK) namely Director of Planning & Coordination Division, Mr Lee Choong Lyeol, General Manager of International Cooperation Team, Mr Cho Jang Hwan and Deputy General Manager of International Cooperation Team, Ms Oh Eun Jung on 23rd June 2016.  The CAK team paid a courtesy visit to MBAM with the aim to promote the upcoming 43rd International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors’ Association (IFAWPCA) Convention which is set to be held from 30 May to 2 June 2017 in Seoul, Korea. 

Both parties exchange views and ideas on organizing a successful convention.  MBAM expressed that they would like to see local participation from CAK members as well as seeking the cooperation from CAK to arrange a dialogue session with CAK members the intention to learn more about Korean construction latest technology and good practices.  



Group photo of MBAM Council Members

The MBAM Office bearers

Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) organized MBAM Focus Group Dialogue 2/2016 on 24th June 2016 at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Petaling Jaya.

On stage to address issues and respond to MBAM members were:

  1. Datuk Kwan Foh Kwai, Immediate Past President
  2. Mr Foo Chek Lee, Deputy President
  3. Tan Sri Sufri Mohd Zin, Vice President
  4. Chuan Yeong Ming, Vice President
  5. Tan Sri AK Nathan, Vice President
  6. Mr Thomas Samuel, Vice President
  7. Mr Eric Lai, Treasurer-General
  8. Mr Dennis Tan, Secretary-General
  9. Mr Oliver Wee, Deputy Secretary-General 1
  10. Mr Ong Ka Thiam, Deputy Secretary-General 2
  11. Ms Loh Mei Ling, Executive Director and I


The following issues were discussed: –

  1. Human Resources Issues Affecting the Construction Industry; e.g Levy and Training of Foreign Workers.
  2. Enforcement of CIDB Act 520.
  3. Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act (CIPAA)
  4. Updates on Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP).
  5. Appeal on High Import Duties on Heavy Construction Machineries
  6. Issue on prices of Steel Bars
  7. The Expansion of PSMB Act 2001 (HRDF) to cover services sector
  8. Implementation of BIM
  9. Industrialised Building System (IBS) Fund

In conclusion, the dialogue was an effective way to bring together members to deliberate issues. Altogether there were 57 participants attending the dialogue including MBAM members’ secretariat staff.



During the Annual General Meeting

Group photo with MBAM New members

The 62nd MBAM Annual General Meeting was held on 24th June 2016 at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. As this year is the election year, we saw an increase of attendance with a total of 115 members attended. The AGM concluded with the following list of companies as the new 26 elected council member:-

  1. Ahmad Zaki Sdn Bhd
  2. Al-Ambia Sdn Bhd
  3. Bauer (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  4. Bina Puri Sdn Bhd
  5. Crest Builder Sdn Bhd
  6. Eversendai Construction (M) Sdn Bhd
  7. Fajarbaru Builder Sdn Bhd
  8. Gamuda Berhad
  9. IJM Corporation Bhd
  10. Ikhmas Jaya Sdn Bhd
  11. Ireka Corporation Bhd
  12. LFE Engineering Sdn Bhd
  13. Mudajaya Corporation Berhad
  14. Ocned Water Technology Sdn Bhd
  15. Pasukan Khas Construction Sdn Bhd
  16. Pembinaan Mitrajaya Sdn Bhd
  17. Premier Construction Sdn Bhd
  18. Rooframes Resources Sdn Bhd
  19. Setia Precast Sdn Bhd
  20. Sunway Construction Sdn Bhd
  21. Syarikat Pembenaan Yeoh Tiong Lay Sdn Bhd
  22. Tim Sekata Sdn Bhd
  23. Trans Elite Group Sdn Bhd
  24. Trans Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd
  25. VSL Engineers (M) Sdn Bhd
  26. WCT Berhad


During the 62nd MBAM AGM, we also presented the certificate of membership for our new members. The following are the list of MBAM new members:-

  1. Aathaworld Sdn Bhd
  2. American Concrete Institute Kuala Lumpur Chapter
  3. B & I Worldwide Sdn Bhd
  4. Bina Jatim Perkasa Sdn Bhd
  5. Crowe Horwarth
  6. Duralite (M) Sdn Bhd
  7. Eakonmech Sdn Bhd
  8. Emix Industry (M) Sdn Bhd
  9. Fokus Era Maju Sdn Bhd
  10. KPEE Asia Engineering Sdn Bhd
  11. Liebherr Sales Kluang Sdn BHd
  12. Manitou Malaysia MH Sdn Bhd
  13. MHW Industrial Automation Sdn Bhd
  14. PAsukan Khas Construction Sdn Bhd
  15. Peak Construction Sdn Bhd
  16. Rooframes Resources Sdn Bhd
  17. Taisei Corporation
  18. Viacor System Sdn Bhd
  19. WDG Resources Sdn Bhd
  20. YJack Technology Sdn Bhd
  21. Frost & Sullivan Gic (M) Sdn Bhd
  22. GT-Max Construction Sdn BHd
  23. Serrig Sdn Bhd
  24. Yeng Ying Sdn Bhd
  25. Trimble Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd




Presenting the token of appreciation to the Selangor and Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Kin Cho Hong’s representative

The Selangor and Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Kin Cho Hong 98th Anniversary Dinner was held on 25th June 2016 at Hee Lai Ton (Pudu) Restaurant, 3rd Floor, Shaw Parade. The Dinner was attended by MBAM Deputy President, Mr Foo Chek Lee, MBAM Senior Managers, Mr Lenny Lim and Mr Michael Thong and MBAM Senior Executive Officer, Mr Leon Leong.



The participants that attended the talks

MBAM Chairman of Environment & green Technology Committee, Mr Lau Yew Mun presented a token of appreciation to the speaker, Mr S. Ramesh

MBAM Environment & Green Technology Committee organised a talk on Malaysian Carbon Reduction and Environmental Sustainability Tool (MyCREST) on 29th June 2016 at MBAM Training Centre. A total of 21 participants attended the talk. MyCREST is a tool that guides construction industry players and stakeholders to design, construct and operate & maintain buildings that integrates low carbon and sustainable practices. This workshop’s objectives were to provide understanding of MyCREST requirements, its scorecard and reference guide; use of carbon calculators and certification path. This workshop also acted as a basic information provider for contractors and consultant undertaking public building projects as MyCREST is increasingly adopted for new building projects undertaken by government.

This Green building rating tool is designed with the objective to quantify built environment’s impact in term of carbon omissions and environmental impacts in order to reduce it. At the same time, it integrates socio-economic implications throughout the life cycle of the building.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri will be celebrated in just a few days. As we celebrate this auspicious celebration I would like to wish all Muslims in Malaysia Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!



Matthew Tee


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