In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, at Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM), we are very well aware of all the concerns and worries by our members especially in the construction industry and we have been working diligently to provide members with more information related to the construction industry. As this is a rapidly evolving situation, MBAM is monitoring the situation closely. We thank you for your support and patience as we work together to bring you the latest update regarding the Malaysian construction industry. We advise members to follow the latest developments related to COVID-19 and adhere to the guidance of government and public health officials from time to time.


Stay safe.

Circulars by MBAM



Government Guidance

MBAM members are encouraged to adhere to the directives made by the Government. For more information and latest updates, members can refer to National Security Council’s website at

Please also find below some useful links for your reference:

Bank Negara Malaysia also announced a number of regulatory and supervisory measures in support of efforts by banking institutions to assist individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporations to manage the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. Members can refer to for more information.

  MBAM Donation to fight against COVID-19


As part of MBAM’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative for the year 2020, MBAM has contributed RM100,000 worth of medical gowns, face shields and masks to Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC) for COVID-19 namely the Kepong District Health Centre and Hospital Ampang in a handover ceremony on 30 April 2020. MBAM’s hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and we appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities, and government who are on the front lines working to contain this coronavirus.

We would like to thank all the contributors listed in the attached appendix for your generous donation and kind support.

MBAM Donation Covid-19_1

MBAM Donation for COVID-19 handover ceremony at Kepong District Health Centre

MBAM Donation Covid-19_2

MBAM Donation for COVID-19 handover ceremony at Hospital Ampang

MBAM Donation Covid-19_3

Present at the handover ceremony were from left: Executive Director, Ms Loh Mei Ling; Treasurer-General, Mr Kenneth Liew; Deputy President, Tan Sri Sufri Hj. Mohd Zin; President, Mr Foo Chek Lee; and Senior PR Executive Chew Chee Yan (not in photo).

  MBAM News Coverage (related to COVID-19)   

2020 coverage

28 March 2020 – Bernama: MBAM harap k’jaan perkenal langkah khas untuk industri binaan

29 March 2020 – Astro Awani: MBAM harap kerajaan perkenal langkah khas untuk industri binaan

29 March 2020 – Nanyang Siang Pau: (Economy Stimulus Package) MBAM requests to approve

12 April 2020 – Oriental Daily: 复工不明确 业者吐苦水

13 April 2020 – Nanyang Siang Pau: (Extended MCO) Fear of broken supply chain, Contractors worry of rising building material prices

14 April 2020 – Berita Harian: MBAM, REHDA pastikan keselamatan di tapak pembinaan

14 April 2020 – Oriental Daily:支持房屋和建筑业 2公会要求进一步奖掖

14 April 2020 – MalaysiaGazette: MBAM, Rehda ikrar tak jadikan tapak pembinaan pusat penularan Covid-19

15 April 2020 – Sin Chew: 冀续与政府对话· 建商房产公会盼给奖掖

14 April 2020 – Focus Malaysia: Property, construction players pledge to ensure health safety

15 April 2020 – The Star (Corporate News): MBAM and Rehda join forces to combat virus

15 April 2020 – Edge Prop: MBAM, REHDA to ensure COVID-19 safety measures at worksites

15 April 2020 – Malaysia Kini: Contractors urge gov’t to repay outstanding GST refunds to ease cash flow

15 April 2020 – Property Guru: REHDA, MBAM To Work Together To Fight Covid-19

18 April 2020 – The Star: Companies to abide by govt rules on screening

4 May 2020 – Sin Chew Daily: 符绩理:雇主承担外劳检测费·“复工政策不明确”

 4 May 2020 – Nanyang Siang Pau: 【管控令第48天】符绩理谁都可能传播病毒…

5 May 2020 – The Star: Malaysia’s major trade associations support Govt’s decision to reopen economy

5 May 2020, Bernama: Dewan dan persatuan puji langkah pembukaan semula aktiviti ekonomi

6 May 2020 – The Star: Construction firms face another stumbling block

6 May 2020 – Rehda, MBAM want government to bear construction workers’ testing costs

6 May 2020 – MBAM, Rehda ask govt to bear full cost of Covid-19 tests on all workers, introduce force majeure bill

6 May 2020 – Bernama: Govt urged to bear cost of COVID-19 screening for construction industry

6 May 2020 – Daily Express: Govt should bear Covid-19 screening cost for construction industry

6 May 2020 – The Malaysian Insight: Developers urge govt to bear cost of workers’ Covid-19 screening

6 May 2020 – Malaysia Kini: Gov’t urged to bear Covid-19 screening cost for construction industry

6 May 2020 – Free Malaysia Today: Foot bill for Covid-19 tests on foreign workers, builders urge govt

6 May 2020 – The Strait Times: 57 business chambers in Malaysia say ‘critical’ to resume operations amid reopening debate

6 May 2020 – Astro Awani: Chambers, associations lauds government decision on business resumption

6 May 2020 – Malay Mail: Want us to test workers for Covid-19? Then foot the bill, developers and builders tell Putrajaya

6 May 2020 – Edge Prop: 59 Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations call for all states to restart economic activities

6 May 2020 – Nanyang Siang Pau:【管控令第50天】2商会提2大诉求政府应付建筑工检测费

6 May 2020 – Nanyang Siang Pau:【管控令第50天】检测200万外劳需4至8个月-建筑业今年

6 May 2020 – China Press: ◤行动管制◢-59商会支持复工-吁州政府同步重启经…

6 May 2020 – Oriental Daily:【新冠肺炎】外劳人数庞大 业者忧检测效率慢

6 May 2020 – MalaysiaGazette: Pekerja asing tanpa dokumen bersembunyi daripada saringan?

6 May 2020 – Astro Awani: Govt urged to bear cost of COVID-19 screening for construction industry

6 May 2020 – Sinar Harian:Rayu kerajaan tanggung kos ujian saringan Covid-19 bagi industri

6 May 2020 – Harian Metro: REHDA, MBAM mahu kerajaan tanggung kos saringan pekerja pembinaan

11 May 2020 – REM Property: SOP引混淆 我国仅9%工地可复工

12 May 2020 – The Star: Industry players want protocols to ease health screenings 

12 May 2020 – AsiaOne, Featured news from The Star: Malaysia’s construction industry players want protocols to ease health screenings

12 May 2020 – China Press, 行动管制 建筑业者促政府制定明确检测程序

12 May 2020 – Star Property: Rehda Proposes That The Government Bear The Cost Of Covid-19 Testing

12 May 2020 – The Edge Malaysia: Frankly Speaking: A testing dilemma

12 May 2020 – Nanyang Siang Pau:【管控令第56天】迫切复工遇检测长龙“哪个领域外劳优先?”

27 May 2020 – Sin Chew Daily: 中小企业,苦(四之二):疫关重重·企业关关难过

28 May 2020 – The Star: Industry players want longer grace period

29 May 2020 – China Press: 行动管制 外劳等检测工地复工无期

31 May 2020 – MalaysiaGazette: Hanya 20 peratus pengusaha pembinaan mulakan tugas

2 June 2020 – The Malaysian Insight: Only 25% of construction projects operating since April

2 June 2020 – The Malaysian Insight: Sektor pembinaan bermula perlahan selepas dibenar beroperasi

2 June 2020 – The Malaysian Insight (Chinese): 不足半数建筑工地复工 建筑商忧严格防疫措施难达标

17 June 2020 – The Star Online: 17 sites ordered closed

17 September 2020 – The Malaysian Insight 政府加快发放项目提振建筑业 业者盼优先解决外劳问题

18 September 2020 – Penang Kini: Sektor pembinaan mengalami kerugian sehingga RM11.6b sebulan sejak PKP – MBAM

18 September 2020 – Berita Harian: Industri pembinaan rugi RM11.6 bilion setiap bulan sejak PKP

18 September 2020 – The Malaysian Insight: Construction sector losing RM11.6 billion a month since MCO, says industry body

21 September 2020 – Property Guru: Construction Sector Suffers Monthly Loss Of Up To RM11.6bil Since MCO

22 September 2020 – Free Malaysia Today: Kerugian industri binaan turun kepada RM6.9 bilion selepas sub sektor dibuka, kata menteri

22 September 2020 – MalaysiaGazette: Industri binaan rugi RM11.6 bilion semasa PKP – Fadillah

22 September 2020 – Astro Awani: Satu jawatankuasa khas bakal ditubuh, bincang isu industri pembinaan – Mustapa

23 September 2020 – The Star: Construction industry seeks govt aid

5 October 2020 – Oriental Daily: 工人宿舍最低标准法 建筑商吁再给1年宽限期

5 October 2020 – Sin Chew Daily: 工人宿舍最低标准法 建筑商吁再给1年宽限期

5 October 2020 – Nanyang Siang Pau: 职业安全与卫生局去年提控421案 30%涉建筑业违例

5 October 2020 – Guang Ming: 建築商公會:給時間同業實行 冀446法令寬限多一年

27 October 2020 – Edge Prop: MBAM: Covid-19 Act did not address issues faced by contractors

2 November 2020 – The Malaysian Insight (Eng): Industry players blame worker shortage, not swab tests, for delays

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