President message march 2020


At MBAM, we have been getting busy with series of events and meetings to attend especially in the last month where we have attended to more than 60 events. I would like to thank my Council Members and Secretariat for their endless commitment and effort in keeping up with the busy schedule while continuing to serve MBAM members better.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind all MBAM members to always take good care of your health with the second wave of the Covid-19 outbreak and always practice good hygiene whenever possible.

Here are some of the highlights worth mentioning:


The Special Task Force to Facilitate Business (PEMUDAH) Technical Working Group on Employing Workers (TWGEW) Engagement Session with Manufacturing and Construction Industry

The Engagement Session held at Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) Headquarters on 3 February was attended by MBAM Human Resources Committee Member, Mazlan Haron and Manager, Mohd Farhan. The meeting was chaired by the PEMUDAH Co-Chair, Dato’ Dr. Ir. Andy Seo Kian Haw.

The objectives of the session were to discuss further and to provide better understanding on the Holistic Strategy for Employment of Foreign Direct Workers proposal by TWGEW. The paper on Holistic Strategy for Employment of Workers (focusing on Foreign Direct Workers) was presented whereby the independent committee, 23 Trades Associations and International Chambers has recommended a programme (3 – 5 years) based on four pillars of Effective Management of Foreign Workers namely; Transparency (Online end-to-end Application), Legalisation (Legalising Illegals), Incentives to Industry (Improve productivity through Technology & Automation) and Enforcement (Reduce Corruption).


Mazlan at the engagement session

CIDB Certified Construction Manager (CCM) Programme Briefing

The CCM Programme Briefing held on 5 February at Bangunan Pusat Pengurusan Akademik, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi was attended by Vice President cum Chairman of Human Resources Committee, Dennis Tan; Vice President, Steven Shee; Council Member, Datuk Astaman Abdul Aziz; Technical Director, Ir. Chuan Yeong Ming and Manager, Mohd Farhan.

Also in attendance was the CIDB Wilayah State Director, Zainora Zainal and CIDB CCM Working Group (WG) led by Prof. Sr. Dr. Fadzil Hassan.

The objective of the briefing was to present the accreditation programme and framework to the academicians as well as construction industry players, which included the methods and processes for accreditation and followed by a Q&A session by CIDB to better explain the implementation of CCM programme.


Council Members posing with Zainora and other attendees

MBAM Scholarship Recipient’s Project Assignment

On 7 February 2020, MBAM Council member, Nalla Sundran and his team met with MBAM scholarship recipient, Low Ming Chee and her team at their office on their request regarding method statement of pre-stressed slab and beam for their Construction Technology II course assignment. The students were encouraged to ask any question during the presentation. After a brief introduction of The Bouygues Group of which VSL Group is part of them, Senior Engineer, Roland Tan presented on pre and post tensioning including the design and construction advantages. During the presentation, questions were raised to clarify the matter statement. VSL Engineer, Ir. Tee Hoi Eng was also at hand to answer their queries. Sundran share with them his working experience and simultaneously advised on the importance of keeping abreast with the latest development in the construction industry.  He also shared about IR 4.0 and the effects from the disruptive technologies.

The student conveyed their heartfelt thanks to Sundran team who avail themselves. MBAM Manager Lim Jong Joan and Executive Officer, Claire Wong were at hand to facilitate the discussion.


Sundran during the presentation

Meeting With Labour Division of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI), Kuala Lumpur

The meeting with Labour Division of KBRI held on 12 February at MBAM Tan Sri Datuk Tee Hock Seng Conference Room was chaired by me in the present of Vice President, Dennis Tan; Council Member, Datuk Astaman Abdul Aziz; Human Resources Committee Member, Mazlan Haron; Executive Director, Loh Mei Ling, and Secretariat staff. KBRI was represented by the Attaché of Labour, Budi H. Laksana and accompanied by Turja Sugiman and Lulu Seruni.

The meeting discussed on the new requirement by CIDB Malaysia whereby the foreign workers are required and must be accredited at their source country before entering Malaysia starting 1 January 2020. It was informed that KBRI visited CIDB in January upon receiving the letter for this new requirement. It was reported that at the moment there is only one accredited centre in Indonesia and another three have yet to get accreditation from CIDB. The assessment will only be done by CIDB with minimum 50 workers and this practise will definitely prolong the process of getting the workers to Malaysia apart from the existing cumbersome process by Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Health and etc.

The KBRI received the details of the pre-assessment training from CIDB Holdings which will cost approximately RM750.00 per worker for assessment, RM300.00 for medical use per testing and RM100.00 for registration. All the cost is to be paid by the employer. It was noted that in view of the readiness of the centre in Indonesia, those who have already received the calling visa in 2019 will be allowed to come in to Malaysia and the accreditation will be done here.


Memento presentation Labour Division of KBRI

MBAM Half Day Seminar on Slope Stability and Landslide Risk Management (Legal), Amendments to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 and Recent Legal Developments in Construction Law

The above event was held at MBAM Training Centre on 19 February with the opening speech delivered by MBAM Deputy Chairman 1 of Contracts and Practices Committee, Ir. Anthony Teoh. In his speech, he mentioned that the Association is resolute in equipping itself and members to overcome the complexities and maximise the opportunities that are present in our industry today. The programme is part of MBAM Contracts and Practices Committee’s effort to educate members on current issues and contract related topics.


Ir. Anthony delivering the opening remarks

Director of Dr. Toh Associates Sdn Bhd, Dr. Toh Cheng Teik delivered his presentation on “Uncertainties of Slope stability Assessment and Landslide Risk Management” which was very interesting especially on the point that in Malaysia we have rainfall data but not slope failure data analysis compared to data that is extensively available in Hong Kong and New Zealand. He concluded by emphasising there is a need to minimise and reduce the changes of landslides through monitoring and warning systems to be put in place as well as other risk management options including seeking alternative sites and provision of insurance.

Managing Partner of Azman Davidson and Co, H.Y. Chong spoke on the notable changes to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 (“MACCA 2009”) including the introduction of section 17A of the MACCA 2009, which imposes liability on a commercial organisation for corruption committed by persons associated with the commercial organisation. This provision is to be enforced on 1st June 2020. A “commercial organisation” is defined widely and encompasses all companies registered under the Companies Act 2016 that carry on business in Malaysia or elsewhere. The definition also extends to foreign companies that conduct their business in Malaysia and partnerships and limited liability partnerships registered under the laws of Malaysia or any other laws that conduct business in Malaysia. A “person associated with a commercial organisation” is defined to include a director, a partner or, an employee or any third-party who provides services on behalf of the commercial organisation. Where a commercial organisation is found liable, a director, controller, officer, partner, or any person who is concerned with the management of its affairs at the time of the offence, will be held jointly and severally liable with the commercial organisation. Upon conviction, the person can be punished with a fine of not less than 10 times the sum or value of the gratification, if it can be valued, or RM1 million (whichever is higher), or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 20 years, or both.  Malaysia has adopted the ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery Management Systems international standard, which can also be used as a guide to implement a systematic way of managing corruption risks in an organisation.

Partners from Azman Davidson and Co also took turns to present various topics relating to contract management in the construction industry. Overall it was a very interesting half day session and MBAM would like to thank all the speakers for taking time off their busy schedules to share their knowledge with MBAM Members.


Oliver presenting the certificate of appreciation to one of the speakers, Chong

Overall the event attracted 39 participants. MBAM Vice President and Chairman of Contracts and Practices Committee, Oliver Wee presented certificate of appreciation to all the speakers. Also, in attendance was Deputy Chairman 2 of Contracts and Practices Committee, Png Choon Yam.

I hope MBAM members will continue to give continuous support for all the upcoming MBAM events.



MBAM President

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