Business at Speed of Digital For Construction Industry

Business @ Speed of Digital For Construction Industry

Date: 25th November 2019 (Monday)
Time: 1.30pm – 6.00pm
Venue  : Co-Labs The Starling Mall
Free Admission
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MBAM ICT & Data Resource Centre Committee is organizing a Business @ Speed of Digital for Construction Industry Seminar. This seminar is mainly focus on new way of handling construction challenges with digitalization and to bring the industry toward meeting the revolution of technology.

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Deadlines and timelines, along with cost, are the most important aspects of a construction project. Construction contracts are full of deadlines, but the one that’s on everyone’s mind is the substantial completion date. For every company that is facing these problems, they are always under pressure facing project deadlines to handover. And with all the traditional way of doing things, most of them always cant meet the deadline within the timeline. Below are the few problems that Construction always faced :  

  • Low connectivity on- and off- job sites
  • Complex bidding process
  • Siloed industry tools 
  • Sharing and collecting large files securely
  • Low adoption of new technologies

With Dropbox Business you can manage your company data at your fingertips and better collaboration. Dropbox Business is a Document Management System for archiving and collaborative work on a massive number of documents. With the digitization of documents being stored onto Dropbox. i.e Construction Company significantly reduces their storage costs with mobile access of digital files has also eased the way contractors find and reference documents on- and off-site. However, bringing all of your content together is just the start. 

Come and find out how leading construction companies use Dropbox Business to overcome their business challenges.


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