Undocumented Migrant Recalibration Plan

Undocumented Migrant Recalibration Plan

We wish to inform that on 12th November 2020 the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a press statement regarding the Undocumented Migrant Recalibration Plan.

The Undocumented Migrant Recalibration Plan consists of 2 main components, which is the Return Recalibration Programme and Labour Recalibration Programme. It will be implemented from 16th November 2020 until 30th June 2021. The details are as follows:

  1. Return Recalibration Programme allows undocumented migrants to return to their country voluntarily subject to the stipulated conditions.
  2. Labour Recalibration Programme regularises illegal immigrants in the country as foreign workers who could be legally employed by eligible employers subject to strict conditions.
  3. The said programme will be implemented by the Immigration Department of Malaysia and the Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia (JTKSM).
  4. Without the involvement of vendor or third party.
  5. Sectors involved- Construction, Manufacturing, Plantation, & Agriculture.
  6. Freeze of foreign workers intake will be maintained.
  7. After June 2021, the Immigration Department of Malaysia will fully implement the Holistic Enforcement Plan for illegal immigrants. For employers who are found guilty on hiring illegal foreign workers, they will be fined maximum of up to RM50,000 or imprisonment for up to 12 months or both for each illegal foreign worker. For employers who employed more than 5 illegal foreign workers, the employer will be whipped.

Further to this, MBAM is organising a webinar on “Latest Policies on Foreign Workers and Expat Recruitment during the Pandemic” on 25th November 2020. One of the topics for the webinar will be on the recalibration programme by Ministry of Home Affairs. The registration of the webinar can be done via online at https://bit.ly/3kbgXoq.


Download MBAM Circular click here

Download MOHA press statement 12th November 2020 click here

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