Survey on Development of Malaysia Sewerage Industry Guideline (MSIG) Vol. 1

Survey on Development of Malaysia Sewerage Industry Guideline (MSIG) Vol. 1

We wish to inform you that The National Water Services Commission (SPAN) is currently in the process of developing the Malaysia Sewerage Industry Guideline (MSIG) Vol. 1. MBAM is conducting this survey with the aimed to gather feedback from members for further submission to SPAN.  This is to ensure the key stakeholders’ expectations are managed and issues are addressed appropriately before new rules and regulations is being gazette by the Government.

Hence, we would like to invite MBAM members to provide your feedback on the 4 sectors below covered in the Malaysia Sewerage Industry Guideline (MSIG) Vol. 1:


Sector 1: National/ International Development Planning Goals  

  • Sharing and discussing planning related doctrines, policies, plans, guidelines, indicators, and designs, that are relevant in helping to set the objectives /goals for future sewerage ecosystem in Malaysia. 

Sector 2: Technical and Administrative Matters  

  • Technical Matters which covers sewage characteristics, PE tabulation, population growth assumptions, STP siting/ build up area and buffer zones requirements. The Administrative Matters will consist of sewerage infra development models. 

Sector 3: Future Strategic and Green Objective 

  • Developing a framework for the National sewerage planning criteria considering future strategic and green objectives. Scenario analysis for achieving the target to limit warming to 1.5°C taking the 2030 and 2050 decarbonization pathways in the horizon. 

Sector 4: Economic Context – Whole Life Cycle Cost (WLCC)  

  • Impact and relevance of existing planning framework of >150 PE to provide STP. Identifying key risk drivers that impact WLCC and prioritisation taking into consideration the financial, social & environmental aspects.


Please click on this link to complete the survey. The deadline for the survey is 17 February 2023.


Download MBAM Circular click here

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