Public Relations

Public Relations Committee ( June 2022 – June 2024 )

Terms of Reference

  • To be in charge of all public relations activities that are relevant and beneficial to members and to organise, collate and disseminate press releases and updates to the media. It participates, provides input and interacts with industry players and policy-making authorities in formulating public relations policies, and activities that may better promote the credibility and image of the Association.

Chairman:  Mr. Oliver HC Wee (Tim Sekata Sdn Bhd)

Deputy Chairman: 

  1. Datuk Astaman Abdul Aziz (Northwest Holdings Sdn Bhd)
  2. Mr. Fong Tet Yoong (Rooframes Resources Sdn Bhd)



  • Lenny Lim
  • Farah Alia


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