MBAM Scholarship Mentorship Programme 2022/2023 (Mentor)

TO: MBAM Graduate Alumni Members

MBAM Scholarship Mentorship Programme 2022/2023 (Mentor)

We are pleased to inform you that the MBAM Graduate Alumni Committee is launching a pilot Scholarship Mentorship Programme that is aimed at building the future of our scholarship recipients into qualified professionals.

We wish to invite professionals from our Graduate Alumni to become Mentors to our MBAM scholarship recipients (Mentees). The Mentor-Mentee programme will embark on 3 key areas namely (a) Civil Engineering, (b) Quantity Surveying, (c) Architecture as a pilot run for the programme. Other subjects to follow suit in due course.

Key Benefits of a being a Mentor:

  • Building connections / network
  • Giving back to society by sharing skills / experiences
  • Enhance leadership & people management skills
  • Engage in volunteering opportunities
  • Resume enhancement

We are optimistic that our mentorship programme will help both mentor and mentees develop personally and professionally. The programme features an array of interesting events and activities via online approach depending on suitability and needs.

Interested Mentors are encouraged to fill up the Mentorship Programme Registration Form here.

For further enquiries please contact Ms. Sharon Yu, MBAM Secretariat at 03-79848636 or email


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