CITA 2023


Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) is a cohesive umbrella organization, representing the construction industry and services sector in Malaysia and dedicated towards promoting and developing the construction industry.  Today, MBAM has a total outreach of companies’ membership of close to 16,000 representing the players from the construction and construction related industry.   

As part of our effort to recognise the players’ achievement in the industry, we are pleased to invite members to participate in the “Construction Industry Trade Awards (CITA)” 2023 for the following category:

  1. Best Mechanical & Electrical Contractor
  2. Best Piling Contractor
  3. Best Water & Waste Water Contractor
  4. Most Sustainable Contractor
    1. G7
    2. G6 and below

Attached here are the evaluation criteria for the above mentioned categories and the nomination form. For participation, please submit supporting documents (in softcopy) according to the evaluation criteria together with the nomination form to

All winners will receive a Trophy awarded by the Association and also will be featured in our Master Builders Journal.

For enquiry, please contact assigned Officers Ms Lee Siew Mei/ Ms Sung Suet Yee at +603-79848636 or e-mail / A copy of the CITA 2023 Brochure is enclosed for your attention. 

The deadline of the nomination is on/before 31 May 2023. 


Download MBAM Circular click here

Download Brochure click here

Download Nomination Form click here

Evaluation Form:

Download Evaluation Form (Sustainable) click here

Download Evaluation Form (M&E) click here

Download Evaluation Form (Piling) click here

Download Evaluation Form (Water & Waste Water) click here


Brochure- CITA 2023

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