Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) would like to remind Members that MBAM did not appoint or authorise any manpower recruitment agencies to apply and recruit foreign workers on our behalf.

MBAM was recently informed by Members that some irresponsible manpower recruitment agencies based in Penang had made use of the name of MBAM quoting that special approval has been given to MBAM by the authorities and that they are the MBAM appointed agent to gather company’s private documents and Company’s security passwords in order for them to process the foreign workers application on their behalf.  

MBAM wish to remind Members not to entertain such agents and Members are advised to contact MBAM Secretariat for any further information and clarification. Official updates from MBAM will be circulated to Members from time to time or Members should refer to the official Government websites for latest updates. Any consequences and risk arise from members/employers using the said manpower agencies shall be borne by Member companies themselves.

Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact MBAM Secretariat, Ms Chai Min Fung at 012-717 0377 or Ms Jocelyn Ng at 012-6991896  or email us at mbam06@mbam.org.my or mbam15@mbam.org.my.


Download MBAM Circular click here


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