Construction Industry Vaccination Programme (CIVac) by CIDB Malaysia

Construction Industry Vaccination Programme (CIVac) by CIDB Malaysia

The Construction Industry Vaccination Programme (CIVac) is an effort by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia led by the Ministry of Works, to accelerate the vaccination uptake among the construction workforce to achieve herd immunity and reduce the number of COVID-19 workplace clusters.

Further to the Phase 1 of the CIVac Programme by CIDB Malaysia, MBAM is taking another steps to request for the additional quota of the vaccines for construction sector. The lists will be compiled and submitted by MBAM to the CIDB Malaysia for further actions.

For those who are interested to participate in this programme, please email the completed name list in excel format to MBAM Secretariat, on or before 2.00 pm (Tomorrow), 30 June 2021 (Wednesday).  

Please ensure that the list of workers submitted are not registered for any other vaccine programme. All the fields are COMPULSORY to complete in the excel format.

The CIVac Registration Form (Excel Format) for your further actions.




Download MBAM Circular click here

Download CIVac Registration Form (Excel Format) click here

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