We are pleased to inform you that the Transfer of Employer Programme by Construction Labour Exchange Centre Berhad (CLAB) is now open for application. This programme is provided to employers to ensure the continuity of employment opportunities for foreign workers involved and it is subject to the policies and regulations set by the government.

Some of the programme benefits include:

  1. Employer will NOT BE BLACKLISTED.
  2. LEVI WILL BE REFUNDED to original/former employer based on the remaining permit period.
  4. CLAB will manage all process FOR FREE (for original/former employer).


Criteria for consideration for the application of transfer employer programme:

  1. The employer is declared bankrupt.
  2. The employer has closed the company’s operations
  3. Employers affected by disasters and unable to employ foreign workers.
  4. Restructuring of Enterprise Company to Sdn Bhd/Berhad.
  5. Change of company name or director/board of director.
  6. The original employer has passed away. Only the (children/husband/wife) of the original employer is allowed to apply for the programme.


Categories that are not allowed to apply for the programme:

  1. 6P Pass & Rehiring Program or all “pemutihan” programs;
  2. Passport period is less than 12 months;
  3. PLKS holder 10th year of employment & PLKS is valid for less than 3 months;
  4. Employees other than PLKS holders;
  5. Foreign Domestic Worker.


How to apply:

  1. The original/former employer needs to submit application to CLAB together with the relevant documents according to the Checklist. CLAB will review the documents and issue the Acknowledgment of Receipt of the documents.
  2. CLAB will send the completed application to Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia (JTKSM) to get a supporting letter from JTKSM before submit the application to the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN).
  3. The supporting letter will be send to the original/former employer via email.
  4. After obtained the supporting letter from JTK, the original/former employer needs to submit the application form together with the completed documents according to the Checklist to the Foreign Workers Management Division of Ministry of Home Affairs.
  5. If the application is approved by KDN, CLAB will get a Letter of Approval for the Transfer of Employer and present to the Immigration Department of Malaysia for the new PLKS printing purpose.
  6. If the application is rejected by KDN, the original/former employer needs to undergo the Check-out Memo process for the foreign worker at the Immigration Department of Malaysia and the cost of sending back the foreign workers to their source country is to be covered by the original/former


Members who are interested to apply for transfer of employer through CLAB are requested to submit their application to CLAB. The application form can be downloaded from CLAB’s Website at:


For enquiry, please contact the below CLAB officers:

Name : Md Faiz B. Samsuddin
Telephone : +603-20959599 ext 170
Email :


Name : Nurul Syahirah Roslan
Telephone : +603-20959599 ext 121
Email :


Download MBAM Circular click here

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