Sponsorship invitation for MBAM Badminton Tournament 2020

Sponsorship Invitation for MBAM Badminton Tournament 2020

MBAM BADMINTON TOURNAMENT series is a popular event that allows members to meet other MBAM members. The MBAM BADMINTON TOURNAMENT series encourages co-operation and networking and can help to create potential trade and business opportunities in members’ respective products and services.

MBAM is looking for sponsors for MBAM Badminton Tournament 2020 tentatively proposed on Saturday, 25th April 2020.

The actual cost of event sponsorship depends on the venue and the amount of pax expected. In General, MBAM is looking for 2-3 sponsors to defray the cost of the competition expected to about RM30,000.00.

For further information to explore sponsorship for such an event, please contact MBAM General Manager, Mr Lenny Lim at 03-79848636 or email: mbam01@mbam.org.my


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