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Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) Education Fund (the Fund) was established in July 1999 for the purpose of contributing towards the further progress and advancement of the construction industry in Malaysia through education by the provision of financial assistance in the form of scholarships on the basis of needs and/or merits to eligible students.

The Fund consists of:

Allocation from the general fund of the association; and/or

Contributions, gifts, bequests, endowments from members of the association, members of the public, foundations, firms, co-operatives, local authorities,                      autonomous or semi-autonomous Government bodies, Government or any other persons, bodies or organizations; and

Monies earned from sales, shows, lotteries, exhibition or other legal means

The recipients of MBAM Education Fund will not be required to be bonded or serve the Association upon graduation.




Scholarships are funded by MBAM Education Fund and by a number of benefactors consisting of members, corporations or individuals with intention of offering their funds for the scholarship programme but have limited administration resources. The scholarship programme is administered by the Board of Management (BOM), MBAM Education Fund. BOM was established to administer and/or manage the Fund in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Association to contribute towards the further progress and advancement of the Malaysian construction industry in accordance with MBAM Education Fund Rules (The Rules). Please click on link below to view the current BOM:

Chairman and Members, Board of Management



Conditions to be fulfilled by an applicant for consideration of any award for a scholarship and an educational advance under the Rules are as follows:

 He/she is a Malaysian citizen

 He/she is following a undergraduate degree in an approved public university and Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) accredited courses in private universities.

 He/she is following or will enroll for a course of study in any discipline related to the construction industry;

He/she is not holding any other scholarship; and

If required, he/she is able to obtain a third party guarantor to the BOM for the award.

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