safety training


6.1 Site Safety Supervisor (SSS) Courses

This industry driven programme is aimed to assist the construction industry in developing, training and to produce competent SSS. This programme is specially tailored to meet the requirement and overcome the shortage of SSS in the industry in line with the legal provision under BOWEC 1986. MBAM has trained a total of 4,104 participants since 2011.

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6.2 Lifting Supervisor Training

MBAM Lifting supervisor Training is formulated to provide participants to acquire adequate knowledge, enhance supervisory skills and competency level to ensure every aspect to the lifting operations at site is executed and managed in a safe manner while in compliance to the authorities’ requirement. MBAM has trained a total of 333 trainees for year 2019.

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6.3 Designated Person (DP) for Concreting

This course aims to produce construction personal who are equipped with relevant technical knowledge, skills and occupational safety & health (OSH) knowledge, in supervising concreting in construction works. Upon successful completion of this program, construction, construction personal will be certified by CIDB and MBAM.

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6.4 Scaffolding Training

This course aim to develop your understanding of the appropriate safety and statutory regulations associated with the erection or dismantling of scaffolding system. It also provides with the opportunity in applying the skills and knowledge to become a competent person. MBAM has trained a total of 588 participants since 2015.

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6.5 Designated Person (DP) for MEWP

6.6 Formwork Awareness Training

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