Feedback On Intake Of Foreign Construction Workers From India


The Ministry of Works is in the process of preparing a working paper to Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Human Resources to request for foreign construction workers from India to be allowed to work in the construction industry. Currently Indian workers are only allowed to work on high-tension cables in the construction industry.

As the Prime Mover and the Recognised Voice of the Malaysian Construction Industry, MBAM would like to offer our wholehearted support towards this initiative by the Ministry of Works. This is due to various factors, the main one being the lack of construction workers, local and foreign to fill the supply-demand gap and the suitability of  foreign construction workers from India to work under the Malaysian weather (hot and humid) compared to foreign construction workers from some other colder climate source countries. If approved, foreign construction workers from India can be requested via the same channels as foreign construction workers from other source countries and under the same conditions (e.g. skills are accredited by CIDB approved accreditation centres in the source countries).

To support this initiative, MBAM would like to compile feedback on trades required and numbers needed from respective MBAM Members. Please download the REPLY SLIP below:

Download MBAM Circular click here

Download Reply Slip click here

If you have any enquiries on the above, your office may contact the following officers: –

Name: Mr Mohd Farhan 

Designation: Manager

Tel: +603-7984 8636 ext 107


Mobile Tel: +6012-213 3675


Name: Mr Mohd Hanif 

Designation: Senior Assistant Manager

Tel: +603-7984 8636 ext 126


Mobile Tel: +6017-339 1377

We earnestly look forward to a favourable reply from you by returning to us the duly completed REPLY SLIP on or before Friday, 3 January 2020. We sincerely believe that your feedback will undoubtedly add to this initiative and ensure a successful outcome.

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