Updated General and Construction Sector Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and KKR Media Statement


Enclosed herewith the updated general and construction sector SOPs dated 31 May 2021 for the full Movement Control Order (MCO/PKP) starting 1 June 2021. Also enclosed is the media statement by the Ministry of Works (KKR) dated 1 June 2021.

MBAM would also like to remind members that in the effort to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the construction sector, all construction work nationwide should be stopped during this MCO/PKP period. However, exceptions are granted to the following works listed in Critical Services.

The permitted activities in the Construction Sector are:

  1. Critical maintenance and repair work, that is, work which if not continued could cause danger or harm to workers, the public or the environment.
  2. Critical construction works for major public infrastructure.
  3. Professional services/consultants involved for construction works permitted to operate as listed in items (A) and (B).
  4. Services in the supply chain involved for construction works that are allowed to operate as in items (A) and (B).

Please refer to Appendix 1 for the full list of activities under item A and B.

All contractors involved in the projects listed above must obtain new approvals through MITI CIMS 3.0 website at https://notification.miti.gov.my/login for the PKP period starting June 1, 2021. All previous approvals cannot be used during this Full PKP period.

Members are encouraged to adhere to the directives made by the Government. Members may contact MBAM Secretariat for assistance or clarification on the above.

Name: Ms Loh Mei Ling Name: Mr Lenny Lim
Designation: Executive Director Designation: General Manager
Email: ed@mbam.org.my Email: mbam01@mbam.org.my
Mobile: +6012-321 5377 Mobile: +6012-620 5377


MBAM would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you be safe and take care of your health.


Download MBAM Circular 078 and Appendix 1 click here

Download KKR Media Statement click here

Download Construction Sector SOPs click here

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