We are pleased to inform that Members are now able to enjoy group incentives offered exclusively to Members who sign up the PETRONAS SmartPay Card.  PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) offers volume incentive for every litre of MOGAS (RON 95 & RON 97) and Biodiesel (Euro 2M & Euro 5) purchased at all PETRONAS stations nationwide via PETRONAS SmartPay fleet cards.

The incentives for Members shall be reflected in the monthly statements at the end of each billing cycle.  The incentives for Members are set out in the table below based on their total monthly volume consumption in liters by the members who have registered for the programme: 


Monthly Purchase (liter) Incentive (sen for every liter)
20,000 – 99,000 3
100,000 – 199,000 4
200,000 and above 5


Members shall enjoy the following PETRONAS SmartPay Fleet Card features:

  1. Online Services – Access to PDB’s SmartPay online portal where the Members can view live transactions of its accounts.
  2. Charge Card – There shall be no charges for the fleet card unless due to replacement of lost card which cost RM10 per card.
  3. Invoicing and Payment – PDB’s invoices to the Members shall be made available in electronic form. 

PDB will liaise with all Members directly upon receipt of your application.  Kindly be informed that Members who sign up for the programme are to authorise MBAM to forward their application to PETRONAS on their application for the Smartpay account with PETRONAS. 

Members shall treat the details of the Programme and the terms of this Offer Letter strictly private and confidential and shall not disclose details of the Programme or the terms of this Offer Letter to any third party without the prior written consent of MBAM.  In the event of disclosure members to their respective subsidiaries or affiliate companies, the disclosing party shall ensure that such subsidiary or affiliate company is under a confidential undertaking not to disclose the details of the Programme or the terms of this Offer Letter to any other party.

Members who are interested to sign up for the programme are requested to return the completed application forms (together with Form 24, 49, form 9, M&AA; latest Audited report and latest 3 months bank statements) and submit to MBAM Secretariat as follows:-

Attention             : Ms Sung Suet Yee/ Ms Lee Siew Mei (012-6946377)

Email                    : 


Download MBAM Circular click here

Download CCRIS Consent Form click here

Download MBAM SmartPay KYC Application Form click here

Download SmartPay KYC form click here

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