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MBAM History

low_yatFounded in 1954 by the late Tan Sri Dato’ Low Yat, the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) plays an important role in the development and advancement of the construction industry. For the past few decades or so, we have represented Malaysia’s construction industry during various key phases on its path to success. Dedicated towards promoting and developing the construction industry in Malaysia, MBAM has evolved into a cohesive umbrella organisation. We have earned international recognition through our affiliations with the International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors Association (IFAWPCA) and the ASEAN Constructors Federation (ACF). We have also successfully hosted the 20th and 29th IFAWPCA Conventions in 1983 and 1998 respectively.

In 1985/86 we successfully negotiated unreasonable price increases for steel bars, cement and glass, obtaining a concession for the supply of steel bars. During this period we also amended the JKR contract form to adopt the ‘Fluctuation Clause’ and allowed direct transfer of registration for contractors from JKR to PKK in 1987 without having to observe the new government registration ruling at the time. Consequently we organized the import of 30,000 bags of cement for members in 1962. Similar exercises were carried out in 1982 and 1995 to battle the effects of shortages.

1998 proved to be an important milestone in MBAM history, in that thepix_pg2a Registrar of Societies approved its new constitution and by-Laws, providing greater scope of participation in membership. This allowed the creation of Associate Members, offering membership to 140 entities directly and indirectly linked to the construction industry. This includes specialist sub-contractors, building material suppliers, manufacturers, trading companies and insurance brokers, further expanding MBAM’s already extensive network of members.

With 140 linkages, extensive experience and impressive local and international presence, MBAM is well set to effectively represent a single unifying voice to the relevant government authorities and various professional bodies.


The Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) was founded in 1954 by a group of pioneer Malaysian Master Builders led by the late Tan Sri Dato' Low Yat. Since then, MBAM has evolved into an extensive umbrella organisation that represents the Malaysian construction industry and services sector, and is devoted to further promoting and developing the construction industry.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of MBAM to be The Prime Mover and The Recognized Voice of the Malaysian Construction Industry

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